Zoning & Thermostats
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Forced Air Zones

At Etek we understand that your home environment is important. That’s why we strongly recommend splitting your climate control systems into two, three or even four zones. This ultimately depends on the size of your home or business and the needs of each individual room.

By dividing your home into separate areas or zones, you can deliver custom comfort to each zone according to the seasons. It also increases energy efficiency with personal preference. That’s important, because the needs of each area can be affected by large windows, high ceilings, positioning of the sun and other variables. With zones, you will enjoy enhanced temperature control and ideal comfort.


The Thermostat is the control center for all of your heating and air conditioning system components. It lets you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, and programming lets you customize your family’s comfort.

We can recommend and install thermostats that will fit your lifestyle so you can have the consistent comfort without worrying how to control it. Let us show you the many features that are available.

We bring comfort to your home or office!

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