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Residential & Business Furnaces

Keep your family, guests and employees warm and cozy.

A home furnace can be a major investment, but today's gas furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort. Applications are more convenient than ever and with the proper planning, can help improve your living space.

Plus, access is made easier for changing filters and service.

The 80% Furnace provides an economic way to add high performance air filtration to homes. The control system provides dehumidification mode, a third motor speed selection for a continuous fan operation option at the thermostat.

A 93% Furnace offers the benefits of a Technology furnace. This features reduced drafts, reduced sound levels, longer cycles, less temperature swings between cycles, and less temperature difference between rooms. Its exclusive, intelligent microprocessor control adapts to the heating needs of the home by automatically adjusting high and low heat times to maximize comfort.

Call us to help maintain your current system or to preplan and install the right system for your new construction. We’ll do the job right!

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